I'd definitely be interested in something like "This Week in Nim", similar to "This Week in Rust".

I already listen to a bunch of podcasts, and I find development focused podcasts difficult to concentrate to. I listened to the phptownhall podcast for a while, but eventually bounced off of the repetitive content. Written content is much easier to focus on and follow for me.

2017-01-10 17:54:03
Or something similar to the PyCoders Weekly newsletter, which is very high quality, and easier to curate maybe since it's just a list of all good news for the week, including new packages, jobs, discussion threads, and articles.
2017-01-13 00:25:50

@Krux02 Would you like to join me in an introductory episode? The topic is "What's so special about Nim," and I'd like to give a nice overview of the language's superpowers.

I'd like to give something like 10 features that make Nim unique and appealing. Your insight as a seasoned developer will be most valuable.

2017-01-19 09:15:42

This sounds great! There's plenty to talk about in terms of Nim's technology, cool projects being written in it, as well as it's future direction.

Will be listening to this as soon as it's up

2017-01-19 10:33:20
@moigagoo Yes of course. Can you tell me when you plan to do those episodes. But I don't know if I can name you those features. I think it is more the combination of a few features that make Nim so powerful. And additionally to that I can name you a lot of features, that are neat. 2017-01-19 23:48:35
@Krux02 Great! I've written a private message to you on Gitter regarding the plan for the episode. 2017-01-20 20:32:16