I'm not saying that having a GitHub account should be a requirement for joining, but it could be a part of the "business logic" for new account validation. It's very easy to implement. If you're an established Nim developer, the forum rolls out a red carpet. If you're not, your first X posts are hidden until a moderator validates them. Or something like that.

Linking forum profiles to GitHub is a good idea for a number of other reasons as well: keeping track of who is who, who wrote what, etc.

2016-12-23 20:19:15
I think moderator approval of first posts by users is the best solution so far. Not too much work for moderators, and no change for anybody who is already on the board, except no new spam anymore. Flagging is not the best idea. I think currently it means that all active users have to flag something before anything happens (rough guess of active users at the moment), and when there are a ton of users, flagging gets abused to remove unwanted content that has nothing to do with SPAM, it is just an unpopular opinion. 2016-12-24 00:13:17
I've seen flagging working well for other forums. When a comment is flagged as spam by N users a moderator will be able to remove the comment and block the account that posted it. If regular users abuse the spam flag the moderator can block their account instead. N=1 is probably enough to start with. 2016-12-24 18:54:22
The forum has been updated. New users are now moderated. It's also much faster now.
2017-01-05 11:38:07

There was recently a controversial thread that is now "locked", and there was some talk of deleting it (Page 1 on archive.ORG/.IS; Page 2 on archive.ORG/.IS). I hope that it remains locked rather than deleted, which I think is very unethical.

Aside from a proper thread locking mechanism, I think this forum needs some more features to properly accommodate the needs of Nim's online community:

  • Thread tagging: organize threads into categories by adding one or more tags, with admins having final say over what tags the thread ends up with. That way people can easily view all posts related, for example, to Nim release announcements, library release announcements, blog links, language feature proposals, stdlib proposals, etc. Some tags would have special meaning, like "nerdfight" / "drama" / "locked" / "trash" / "recycle bin" (whatever you wanna call it) - for threads like the one above, which would be hidden from the thread listing by default, but still visible when desired.
  • Avoid Covert Mutability: disable non-admin edits for posts older than say 3 days. This prevents disingenuous revisionism, and also optimizes spider revisiting needs, for example simplifying maintaining an archive of this forum to IPFS without the need to revisit old threads to know if they've changed. Also, if, unlike myself, the admins frown upon what some people call "necroing", that is posting replies on old threads, then the forum should at very least warn you of this preference.
  • As an added argument for my previously suggested user profile identity enhancements (validated connection with GitHub, OpenHub, GitLab, Reddit, FreeNode nick validation, etc), I'd like to include this selective blog quote from my fellow libertarian software philosopher esr:

In the hacker culture, you should be judged by your work and your work alone. Show me your code. I want to see URLs to public repositories with your commits in them. (OpenHub statistics will do for a first cut.) Your credibility goes up with commit volume and number of different projects. and especially with the number of other people you have collaborated with. In theory, I might be open to other metrics than commit volume for people who aren't primarily software engineers. But that's an edge case; the point is, whether it's lines of code or Thingiverse objects or PCB layouts, I want to see evidence of contributed work.

  • A further step in this integration would be read-only import of Nim issues, comments, etc into this forum (especially from GitHub & Reddit), so everything can be seen / browsed / searched from one place.

I hope that in the near future I'll FINALLY find the time to submit some feature / enhancements code proposals for nimforum (rather than just feature suggestions and half-baked code snippets)...

2017-01-10 18:33:26

I think is very unethical.

It's not "unethical" at all. The thread had nothing to do with Nim and only does Nim harm.

In the hacker culture, you should be judged by your work and your work alone.

And what work was shown in that thread? Never mind, I'm quite familiar with the inconsistencies of libertarian "philosophy".

2017-01-11 11:46:47
Almost two days passed, and my first message is still moderated. I have never seen such an attitude to users at any forum. 2017-05-20 12:37:44
@dataman there is no "attitude" we just miss new people sometimes (that's a forum issue that needs to be fixed), apologies.
2017-05-20 14:51:25