^ This person is toxic.

"the oppressive PC exclusion that plagues communities like Rust"

Yeah, right. The race-baiting troll Meai1 whose Rust posts NR linked to, his "kindred spirit", complains that the Rust folks see as a problem that 81.6% who took their survey identified as white male (which isn't actually true, but virtually nothing written by Meai1 is true). 81.6% doesn't sound like "exclusion" to me. Do yourself a favor: stick to talking about programming rather than phony whining about "oppressive PC exclusion". That way, no one will know or suspect that you're a right wing bigot who thinks that 81.6% of the pie isn't enough.

If the Nim honchos are wise, they will delete this entire thread. Nim has enough troubles with outreach and acceptance already, without this kind of garbage.

2017-01-08 23:18:06

These lefty loons deserve the mockery.

This is not a forum about politics. Back to /pol/ my friend.

2017-01-09 10:42:02

I do not feel that the CoC's add anything meaningful or relevant.

They are unnecessary in my opinion.

It usually is about censorship and "rules to effect censorship".

In this context though, while I dislike CoC's, your wording but also your nick is a dead-give away NastyRigger. For some reason I have this feeling that I knew you from IRC simply because you may deliberately pick such IRC nicks in order to "have fun" - just as you did in that "post" with using CoC as a word deliberately. So come on man, you can't really complain if you provoke it on purpose. And if I think you are who you are then you should also add the fact that you have been banned from several channels.

2017-01-09 11:33:31

stick to talking about programming rather than phony whining about "oppressive PC exclusion"

If only Mozilla/Rust took your advice!

And if I think you are who you are

Nah, not very active and I don't waste a second of my time on IRC. Glad you're bright enough to spot those things though

BTW, here's another person who gave Rust a try:


followed by:


2017-01-09 11:51:42

This thread is now officially locked*.

@Araq wanted me to remove this thread, and I may still do so. But in the interest of transparency and historical significance I would like for threads such as this to remain.

  • The forum doesn't actually support locking, but I will delete any other posts to this thread.
2017-01-09 18:54:07