Hello, I saw this video on Nim on YouTube, by Mr. Fred Heath, Here it is helpful and funny
2017-03-03 20:26:44
I watched it, it was so cool. If you want to introduce your friends to Nim, link them that introduction video. 2017-03-03 21:56:58
I just saw it, thank you for posting it. And as much as I like that Nim gets some attention, I think this Video has the problem that a lot of videos that are posted by enthusiast: It goes talks about how awesome it is, and then shows a feature that just doesn't matter that much and leaves out some boring bits that are actually very important. But at least at the end it does also mention important parts. 2017-03-03 23:44:05

Yes, good video!

I posted about it on r/nim. Then I cross-posted on r/programming and nobody upvoted. What am I doing wrong?

2017-03-04 17:21:50
Being the guy on the video, thanks for your kind words folks. @Krux02, what can I say, I highlighted what was important to me within the limited time of the talk and taking into account the audience and context of the conference
2017-03-04 19:33:45
Great talk to get people interested. Reminded me of why I got into Nim: isomorphic programming without much pain and the fact that Nim manages to cover so many of the basic language features that often seem mutually exclusive. The question from the audience about easy debugging shows how important that issue is: many people who come from other statically typed, compiled languages will just not bother if they don't get that. 2017-03-05 10:10:01

Lando: I totally agree. Debugging is a thing that Nim doesn't support that well yet. But it is not without hope. I managed to get the GDB support a little bit better, by injecting a python script into the executable that gdb automatically detects. That python script is by far not complete, but it could help as a foundation when someone really wants to address this problem:

https://github.com/krux02/opengl-sandbox/blob/master/includes/debug.nim https://github.com/krux02/opengl-sandbox/blob/master/includes/nim-gdb.py

Unfortunately it is a platform specific solution, I don't know how to do something similar on Windows.

2017-03-05 18:30:33


Thanks for the video, I used it as a "Lunch and Learn" at Ericcson Canada (my team). There were a few people in the room and they liked the idea of nim. Plus I showed them the work I did using Nim, including a robot during an Ericsson Hackathon.

As a short note, to help you in answering the questions in the future. It is possible to debug Nim code strait from IDE. I use KDevelop for that: https://vimeo.com/135918228


2017-04-20 13:35:39
@xyz32: The point of the talk was to introduce people to Nim and get them interested, so I'm really glad you used it to that effect. The video is also very helpful so thanks for that too! Do you have any links to your Nim work? 2017-04-21 11:57:15

You can look at my github profile: https://github.com/xyz32?tab=repositories

And the robot that you see on my vimeo profile is coded in nim using the boneGPIO library: https://vimeo.com/user23062984


2017-04-21 12:19:48