@Fungi would you mind posting it here? 2017-03-18 11:05:40

@moigagoo well, somebody did pay money to put up this billboard: https://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/blogs/wiredenterprise/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/honeybadger.jpg.

@fungi I'd love to see it, and if you want to donate it to the Nim project then that doesn't need my explicit approval. But I cannot confirm whether we will use it as our mascot. An octopus immediately makes me think of GitHub so I'm not sure it's the right choice.

2017-03-18 12:43:01

Imho, making nim's mascot a honey badger, is a terrible idea. It looks ferocious and since you want to attract new users, it's obviously the wrong choice.

Also, from what I seen in nature documentaries, honey badgers are struggling for survival in the savannas, being the smallest over much larger animals like hyenas and lions. They get killed by lions for play! So victim complex? Is this the impression you want to make on people that discover nim lang?

I think an octopus sounds like a good choice, adaptive and intelligent

2017-03-18 12:49:44

Octopus already used for Github, not to mention it's Octopuss

Since I'm a cat person, I really like that.

Mascot is usually animated character, isn't it? Maybe thinking mascot with "tree" is strange? Tree can have a strong root and if it lives long, can be gigantic (of course it depends on which kind of tree). Well, there's also abstract tree though

2017-03-18 13:04:17
Github is not a language so there is no comparison, and since their mascot is an weird hybrid, octopus is not really taken, is it? Alternatively nim can have a animal hybrid as mascot too , but I prefer something simple.
2017-03-18 13:19:22

@dom96, I'd love to donate this for Nim mascot

Octopuses are very intelligent. They don't have bones at all, the only hard part of it is the beak, so they are as flexible as lisp

The mascot of GitHub is octocat (half octopus + half cat), so there is no problem.

@moigagoo, the link is stated above.

2017-03-18 13:41:49
May I suggest a cat or a raccoon or a shoebill? Honey badgers are not that common worldwide and people mistake them for skunks. 2017-03-19 18:48:19
The problem with octopuses is that they don't have a mouth and a nose what makes it difficult to remember them for humans(faces can be much better remembered by humans, that's why so many mobile games have angry faces as their icon) and to make them more anthromorph(more human like) or cuter. A good artist could overcome this problem by adding a mouth a faking the structure a face using color. 2017-03-19 19:42:56
I view Nim as a wolf: cunning, sneaky, shy and yet loyal Edit: (But that Octopus is cute)
2017-03-19 21:14:51
@doofenstein, mouth makes me remember COBOL. The Octopus is silent and looks straight at your eyes, which means it is serious. Guys, I think Octopus is probably the best mascot for Nim, because 1) they have eight tentacles, each tentacle has minds in their own (distributed intelligence), that should represent the general-purpose and multi-threading capabilities of Nim. 2) They have no bones at all, which represents the flexibility of Nim (influenced by Lisp). 3) Simple and quiet as Python (expressive). So if @dom96 agrees, I will give the design to Nim mascot. The end. 2017-03-19 22:19:59