Let's say I have this module mymod.nim that's using the tables module:

# mymod.nim
import tables

  Thing* = object
    name*: string
    stuff*: Table[int, string]

proc newThing* (): Thing =
  result.stuff = initTable[int, string]()

Now I try to use this Thing type in another file like this:

import mymod

var t: Thing = newThing()

t.name = "cool"
t.stuff[0] = "foobazz"
t.stuff[1] = "foobarrsy"

echo t

When I do this I get the following error:

test.nim(6, 8) Error: type mismatch: got (Table[system.int, system.string], int literal(0), string)
but expected one of:
proc `[]=`[I: Ordinal, T, S](a: T; i: I; x: S)
proc `[]=`[Idx, T](a: var array[Idx, T]; x: Slice[Idx]; b: openArray[T])
proc `[]=`(s: var string; x: Slice[int]; b: string)
proc `[]=`[T](s: var seq[T]; x: Slice[int]; b: openArray[T])
proc `[]=`[Idx, T](a: var array[Idx, T]; x: Slice[int]; b: openArray[T])

Now, if I go ahead and 'import tables' along with 'import mymod' then it works just fine:

import mymod
import tables  # add this

var t: Thing = newThing()

t.name = "cool"
t.stuff[0] = "foobazz"
t.stuff[1] = "foobarrsy"

echo t  # compiles and runs just fine now

I was surprised by this. I guess I naively thought that since mymod imports tables, that any users of mymod would automatically have what they need in order for things to work. I think I'm fundamentally misunderstanding the module system. Any hints are greatly appreciated.

2017-04-13 04:57:39

from your module mymod.nim you can do

import tables
export tables # which will export all `tables` symbols from your module

see manual: export-statement

2017-04-13 05:33:25
Thanks that works! 2017-04-13 06:12:17