We just released a new website, please check it out: https://nim-lang.org/

Many thanks for dom96 and calinou for making it happen!

2017-04-18 21:48:25
Woah! Looks awesome! 2017-04-18 22:49:44


BTW: Please release nim 0.16.1+

To compile one of your Featured projects karax

nimble install

error occurred:

... Unsatisfied dependency: nim (>= 0.16.1)

2017-04-19 04:55:30

BTW: Please release nim 0.16.1+

Well, we are aware and we're trying... But next release will be 0.17.0 with a much enhanced concept feature.

2017-04-19 07:32:25
Congratulations and good work. 2017-04-19 07:40:29

please check it out:


I think it looks more modern now.

Generally my feeling is, that the whole layout is really big -- large fonts/pictures with large void areas between elements. That may be fine and desired, but it implies that most pages fit not completely on screen, scrolling is necessary. And sometimes large size can generate the feeling that there is not much content available...

If your goal is something in the direction of "selling" the language or to attract more users/developers, then it may be useful to consider the wording of some of the headlines of the start page:

Statically typed and compiled, it provides unparalleled performance in an elegant package.

If you check the exact meaning of "unparalleled" you may get: "having no equal; better or greater than any other". So it is better than C, C++, D, Rust and all the competitors?

And "elegant package": That phrase may generate the feeling that it has an ugly core, but a nice surface.

High-performance garbage-collected language

As we know, that not all people like GC too much, marketing guys would write something like "High performance with true parallel executation and optional highly tuneable realtime GC support"

Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more

I don't like the wording too much, and indeed it is not absolutely clear. Does it refer to the compiling process, the produced executable or both?

Maybe: Supports all major Operationg Systems Including Windows, macOS and Linux

At this point we may mention the support of microcontrollers and embedded systems, despite the fact that this is still very limited: Maybe "Nim is universal: From Application and Kernel (OS) development to embedded devices to smallest 8 bit microcontrollers.

Compiles to C, C++ or JavaScript

As we know, that some people do not like "to C transpilers" one may write "Support of all relevant backends including C, C++, JavaScript, LLVM and WebAssembly*"

Produces dependency-free binaries

Sounds like a big blob: Maybe "Produced executables are small(down to a few kBytes) with selectable dynamic or fully static linking for dependency-free binaries

OK, that is enough for now, my english is not that good, and I hope you see my points...

2017-04-19 07:46:33
New site is just great! Wow, my lovely Nim becomes better and better in every aspect! 2017-04-19 08:21:21
Website now feels contemporary and relevant. The Features page is great, highlights Nim's 'unique selling points' and draws attention. Well done to all involved! 2017-04-19 09:24:27
The new site rocks. Congratulations to the Nim team. 2017-04-19 10:30:35

I like the new website. It shows that this language is living and evolving. There is only one thing I would like. The menu bar for Documentation should open like a menu bar on windows and show the links without an intermediate website. This speeds up navigation.

| Blog | Features | Install | Documentation | Community | Sponsors | Donate | FAQ |
                            | Search Index            |
                            | ----------------------- |
                            | Standard Library        |
                            | Language Manual         |
                            | Style Guide             |
                            | Compiler User Guide     |
                            | Nim Backend Integration |
                            | ----------------------- |
                            | Source Code Filters     |
                            | Tools Documentation     |
                            | Garbage Collector       |
                            | Internal Documentation  |

2017-04-19 12:57:25