It's just a boys' club.

Not only can get the $10 billion board-sports market -- skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding -- lately observed an excellent start inside the ranks of female athletes, nevertheless the growing, even dominating participate the juniors' category may also be revolutionizing the design of the segment, pushing it into more fashion-minded territory. How to ride a skateboard

Sometimes, the board-sports market's latest incarnation might be a merging within the heritage now dubbed California lifestyle (but is lifted from essential Hawaiian motifs for instance hibiscus flowers) acquiring an elegant, urban-informed aesthetic. Many labels, mainly individuals within the helm within the stylistic overhaul -- Ezekiel, Volcom, Hurley, Split and Obey, to condition a few -- are imbuing their collections and incredibly brand identity acquiring a awareness cultivated by technology, music plus a global perspective.

"My team travels extensively, so our primary way of getting inspiration originates from travel. We just came back from Japan, Australia, Amsterdam," stated Summer time time time time Rapp, design director for Volcom Women. The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based line has extended introduced the rebellion against traditional trends within its market acquiring a punk rock sensibility that introduced skinny suits, neckties emblazoned with screened graphics and wrap dresses worth Diane von Furstenberg. "We don't really search designer -- we mainly know how an area culture is impacting fashion," Rapp added. Among her favorite sources? The subway stations in places like Tokyo, japan, japan, japan, japan or London.

Ryan Hurry, creative director and v . p . of design at Ezekiel in Irvine, Calif., is the one other voracious student of worldwide roads. Across the call from Berlin a couple of days ago, where he was doing general market trends and representing Ezekiel within the Bread and Butter show, Hurry spoke inside the balance he along with the design team strike between recording the brand's roots as well as other influences.

"I've always examined a few a couple of a few things i do like a lesser board sports-specific product -- although that's still very response to who we are -- around lifestyle fashion."

The lean designer could be a pioneer in dragging the understanding sports business into more fashion-forward grounds since 1995, as they founded Dawls that's sister kind, Drawls. In 2001, he elevated to finish up a part of Ezekiel and immediately upped the ante there, mocking emblem mania inside the luxury market and hip-hop culture with Ezekiel's own repeating initials, and propelling an infinitely more adventurous color plan inside the action sports market. In addition, like lots of his competitors, pushing the proverbial envelope in juniors' has impacted the brand's men's line.

A line for instance Roxy -- which updated the surfer girl ideal by moving her from passively relaxing the shore to carving up her waves -- makes "fashion" the m.o. within the overall concept, stated Randy Hild, senior v . p . inside the Quiksilver-owned brand. The design of design director Dana Dartez four years ago helped turn the corner for that now $420 million power brand with wide-different diversification, including footwear and accessories, with an aging inside the styling, which has allowed modern-day elements to acquire introduced.

The company-new Roxy frequent South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, Calif., also reflects this shift, getting its modernist interior features, including floors of blond wood and blue glass mosaic tiles and fixtures that transcend the traditional surf shop. Furthermore, the organization bending its photography budget and hired Peggy Sirota, who's work appears in Blueberry Republic's distinct campaign in addition to editorials for Vanity Fair and GQ.

"That was a bold move for people,In . stated Hild. "But we'd have loved this outdoors source to help shape our identity ongoing to move forward. That even includes the ladies inside our shoots, who're now a mixture of surf athletes and much more fashion-oriented models. It's a tightrope we walk, because we never need to hear our core market that we're losing our focus. But because in Teen Vogue or perhaps the shop, we're facing more fashion than surf lines."

Yet surf shops, too, are recognizing the broader tastes within the customers and increasingly more more transporting premium jeans from the type of Seven or alternative casualwear sources for instance Juicy Couture and C & C California.

"Generally, the standard beach surfer girl is a lot more uncovered to fashion generally now," noted Monica Woodside, juniors' design director for Split, the Santa Ana, Calif.-based line which has not exclusively identified when using the board-sports archetype within the clothing or marketing imagery. Split's muse for fall is modern-day London bohemian Sienna Miller. Along with her extended blonde hair and allover tan, the extended run Mrs. Jude Law suggests California beach girl getting a much more global sensibility. How to ride a skateboard

"Our customer today is wearing designer jeans and shopping modern-day lines," observed Woodside. "She's a broader sense around the globe and requires to include that in the way she lives and seems.Inch

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