Hi everyone, recently I found this amazing programming language and have started to play with it, I can say that I am having some fun I was thinking to develop a text-based rpg with ansi graphics and I came across the module "terminal" of Nim and the bearlibterminal wrapper of the omonimous lib but I can't decide on which one I should use. I understand that the "terminal" module use the system console directly, where I'd like more a graphical frontend that simulates a terminal window, maybe for more portability. In this case what is better, the native module with basic functionality or a wrapper to a more advanced library? Maybe there is a third way which I am unaware of?

Thanks for the advices

2017-09-10 20:17:07
bearlibterminal is a great lib. I'd recommend it. Maybe, if you don't feel comfortable you could start with the terminal module. 2017-09-11 08:00:32
Thanks! 2017-09-11 12:37:49