I'm trying to clone the "table" code to run (unguarded) on the shared heap, and I noticed something strange; in the tables module, there are procs like this:

proc `[]`*[A, B](t: Table[A, B], key: A): B {.deprecatedGet.}

So we should not use table[key] anymore, but table.get(key) instead. That is why I deleted those [] procs at first. But then, OTOH, the "get" template is not marked with a "*", so you cannot use it instead of "[]" anyway!

Does that mean that "[]" is not deprecated after all?

import tables

proc testAll(): void =
  var t = newTable[int,int]()
  t[1] = 2


2017-12-04 20:01:45

when defined(nimTableGet):
  {.pragma: deprecatedGet, deprecated.}
  {.pragma: deprecatedGet.} # active branch: a nop

It's not deprecated. The nimTableGet define was introduced in order to help people migrate Nim code from some version where [] returned default(T) to some other version where [] began to raise an exception.

2017-12-04 20:17:40