Hello guys,

So my publisher is asking me to update my errata list. Some of you have already reported errata here: https://forums.manning.com/posts/list/41366.page (which is the de-facto place for errata in Nim in Action).

Before I compile an official errata list, I'd really appreciate any other reports of mistakes in the book. Especially if they haven't been reported already.


2018-04-02 15:06:16
Should deprecated proc/type names be errata'd? There's probably a few for the times module in that case 2018-04-02 15:49:00
Sure, report them as well. I will put them in the errata but under a special section. 2018-04-02 15:53:37

I looked through chapter 7 for things related to the times module (I think it's the only chapter that uses it):

p191, p213: TimeInfo => DateTime

p191: Defines a floating-point time field in the Message type. => Defines a time field in the Message type. (Time isn't floating point)

p196: $message.time.toSeconds().int => $message.time.toUnix() (Description of that code should also change accordingly)

p197: fromSeconds(row[1].parseInt)``=> ``fromUnix(row[1].parseBiggestInt) (Description of that code should also change accordingly)

p205: message.time.getGMTime() => message.time.utc()

p212: getTime().getGMTime() + 2.hours => getTime().utc + 2.hours

2018-04-03 09:31:27

Not an errata but p271 in the macros section, you use dumpTree to get the AST of a type section and then introduce out of the blue a macro that produces the same AST.

I think you should mention dumpASTGen as a shortcut to get the same result.

2018-04-14 10:02:36