So I'm trying to get a small web service up and running with Jester, but there are no proper examples that show a step-by-step method for an actual application that works with a DB and does GET and POST requests to get, post, update and delete things from a DB.

Hence, this is my attempt at both learning and providing such an example/s.

This is the code I have so far written:

import jester, asyncdispatch, htmlgen, db_sqlite, parseutils, strutils, times, templates

proc openDatabase(path: string): DbConn =
  ## Creates or opens the sqlite3 database.
  ## Pass the path to the sqlite database, if the database doesn't exist it
  ## will be created. The proc may raise a EDB exception
    conn =, "user", "pass", "db")
    query = sql"""CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Todos (
      priority INTEGER NOT NULL,
      is_done BOOLEAN NOT NULL,
      desc TEXT NOT NULL,
      modification_date INTEGER NOT NULL,
      CONSTRAINT Todos UNIQUE (id))"""
  db_sqlite.exec(conn, query)
  result = conn

proc view(obj: Todo): string = tmpli html"""
$for item in obj {

proc getTodo(conn: DbConnection, id: string): string =
var todo = Todo(id: id)
if conn.update(todo):
return view(todo)
return tmpli html"""
<h1>Failed to update</h1>

get "/@id":
resp getTodo(myConn, @"id")


Most of the code so far is stuff I have found from other examples (my first goal is to get a basic GET request running).

I can't understand how the DB is interacting with the other procs though (unless I haven't implemented that yet?)

Is there any way to replicate the way Flask does things (separating into a model.nim, con.nim and view.nim) with some type of Jinja2-ish integration in view.nim .

Also, is my DB specified correctly?

2014-12-05 00:42:04

You can look at Nimrod Forum code as an example of using both Jester and SQLite.


There's more up-to-date new_async branch, it's compiled with current compiler (devel) and new_async branch of Jester.

2014-12-05 05:21:38

Is there no simpler example except the nimforum site?

I want to build out a set of examples that show Jesters use for building micro-services, but the lack of examples is holding me back (it is a case of catch-22, where I need a solid starter example to make moor-moor of them)

2014-12-05 14:05:18

Just save your 'conn' sql connection as a global variable or else you have to pass around some sort of 'context' which has a reference to your connection.


var conn: DbConnection

proc setupConnection() =
    conn = someDbConnectionInitializationHere....

... use 'conn' here.

proc initialize() =

2014-12-05 14:58:30
The line:
var conn: DbConnection

Throws up an error in the compiler.

I assumed DbConnection was an identifier (or linked to a library possibly)?

the error I get is:

Error: undeclared identifier: 'DbConnection'

Is this the right type for var conn ?

2014-12-05 20:17:06
Take a look at the documentation for db_sqlite. It's TDbConn.
2014-12-05 20:40:01
Sorry, that was just pseudocode; change it from "DbConnection" to whatever the type needs to be..
2014-12-06 01:42:24